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Word from our President




This Drive PNANJ’s transformation and continued success through leadership alignment and succession planning. (a) Proactively identify best potential members to fill key EB positions across all subchapters by June 2022. (b) Promote member recognition through nursing excellence and scholarship awards. (c) Assist subchapters to identify a minimum of one candidate for nomination in a PNANJ, PNAA or other professional or civic organization’s nursing excellence in any category in 2022 and 2023. (d) Develop a mentorship program to assist PNANJ members in their quest for higher education or career development. 


Offer cost effective, quality educational activities to all members using various platforms leveraging technology for greater reach and participation. (a)  Provide leadership workshop to PNANJ EB and Subchapter EB to provide them with tools they need execute their duties of their office by July 2022. (b) Provide regional educational event to encourage and increase participation and attendance “bringing education opportunities to the members”. (c)     Continue collaboration with other state, national and other minority professional nursing organization by attending or collaborating on an educational or major fundraising event by any member of the EB every quarter in 2022 and 2023.


  • Facilitate professional and cultural adjustments of Filipino-American nurses in the US through collaboration with agencies and organizations in the US and the Philippines.
  • Support and advocate for the ethical and fair recruitment of Filipino nurses in NJ through collaboration with POLO (Philippine Overseas Labor office).
  • Review and act on legislation and public policies which directly and indirectly affect nursing.


a)     Develop a marketing plan that will attract the new generations of Filipino-American nurses leveraging social media platform to increase visibility.

b)     Develop a peer support program to assist members to find resources to manage their overall health and well being.


a) Increase PNANJ membership recruitment and retention by 10% compared to baseline (5/1/2022)

b) Welcome new member with a welcome package and post in social media and appoint a volunteer to mentor new members   

c)   Improve membership communication via concurrent electronic updates and active solicitation of Newsletter/ Website article contribution by highlighting a PNANJ member month.

d)  Increase member’s attendance in local, national, and international conferences in 2022 and 2023

e) Utilize various platforms in increasing community outreach through collaboration with community organizations.

f)    Regional and subchapter participation in their community’s health and wellness initiatives.







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