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meet our president

Dear Esteemed Members & Supporters,


As we embark on an exciting new chapter at PNANJ, it is with great honor and enthusiasm that I assume the role of President for the term 2024-2026. Guided by our shared commitment to excellence, I am thrilled to lead our organization with a vision centered on the core values of iCARE: Innovation, Collaboration, Advocacy, Resiliency & Research, Empowerment & Engagement.

Together, let us pioneer innovation, foster collaboration, advocate for positive change, embody resiliency through challenges, champion research-driven practices, and empower each other towards success. By embracing these principles, we are poised to create waves of positive transformation within our community and beyond.

I invite you to join me in this journey of growth, learning, and impactful service as we strive to redefine standards of excellence and elevate PNANJ to new heights. Your dedication, passion, and support are the pillars of our success. Let us unite, inspire, and empower one another to achieve remarkable advancements and make a lasting difference.

With heartfelt gratitude and unwavering commitment,

Jonathan A. Gapilango, MSN, RN, NE-BC, OCN, CCRP

President, PNANJ 2024-2026


  • Social media platforms–not just Facebook but Instagram, Twitter/X, and LinkedIn.
  • In collaboration with PNAA explore use of "app" for easy access to website.
  • Continuous website enhancement–hire someone to maintain website.
  • Explore use of AI chat for online forums/questions.
  • Mentorship Program/Succession Planning for the new members and next generation of nurses.
  • Regional Educationstreamline. Coordinate topics.
  • Content expertsMillennials and Gen Z.


  • Align activities with PNAA.
  • Partnership with Acute Care, LT Care, Nursing Schools, Community Partners/Population Health, and other ethnic professional organizations.
  • Coalition building with NJSNA/ANA.
  • Subchapter collaboration with local institutions for cultural nursing celebrations.
  • Collaborate with PNANJF for community outreach programsmeasurable outcomes.
  • Reinstate Practice & Research Collaborative
  • TOC Collaborative
  • Continue collaboration with Consular Office


  • Advocate safe care delivery healthcare policies.
  • Build coalition with DOLE, Philippine Embassy, acute care and LTC facilities. 
  • Transcultural Nursing awareness through webinars. 
  • Public awareness campaign using social media for illegal recruiters. 
  • Diversity & Inclusivity


  • Partnership with PNAA for resiliency training programs
  • Peer support network
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Collaborate with NJSNA related healthy RN programs
  • Engage members in research activities, knowledge sharing and publications.
  • Highlight research/QI/capstone projects of members
  • Participate in research as appliable to PNANJ


  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Awards and Recognitions (Including DAISY Award Category)
  • Timely Communicationquarterly updates "highlight" activities
  • Explore student membership (similar to PNAA)
  • Involvement of Retired Members
  • Subchapter Executive Boards"Shepherd concept"
  • Mentors List
  • Advisory Board
  • Conduct surveys for feedback


    Member Benefits

      Leadership Development/Professional Networking

      Mentoring Program

      Nursing Excellence Awards

      Community Involvement and Representation

      Scholarships & Continuing Education Opportunities

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